Mastronardi Produce is offering Growing Internship and Entry Level Grower positions

Mastronardi Produce is a leading North American growing, marketing and sales organization. The company currently owns and operates 9 greenhouse production locations spread though North America. In total the company markets produce for more than 5000 acres of greenhouse production. To continue the rapid growth of the company, we are looking for grower talent.

If you are currently a student, you can apply for the Growing Internship position. This position is a great opportunity to get to know the greenhouse world. During the internship you will be doing a cost-saving project while you get exposed to all facets of operating a greenhouse company.

If you are a graduate or soon to be graduate, you can apply for the Entry Level Grower position. This role is the start of our 4 year on the job training plan to become a full-fledged grower.

To learn more about these positions, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to

To apply, send your CV, your preference for a specific crop or growing location, and when you would like to start by email to